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Art as Therapy (and why we love it)

Many people turn to art as a way to unwind and relax when finding stress in their life, so Sip ‘n’ Dip are looking into the theory of therapeutic art, and the mental health benefits that come with releasing your creative side.

Art therapy can be tackled with any medium, sketching, painting, collage, pottery – anything that appeals to the user. The concept has been used on children, teens and adults and has shown successful results when measuring the effects of mental health issues. Common mental health issues such as depression and anxiety have been shown to improve with the benefit of art therapy, as well as reducing stress-related issues caused by physical disabilities.

Creative skill or talent is not a necessity for this task, the concept is to create a calming environment for the user where they can relax and release some of their stressors. It also does not require a therapist or psychologist to be involved – it can just be an evening spent with friends or family and a bit of creative fun!

Sip ‘n’ Dip attempts to cater to these needs by providing one on one classes with our NDIS students, and in our guided art classes where we aim to create a fun environment and no stress! Our website offers a variety of classes to cater to everyone’s styles – check them out so you can have an evening to relax, sip ‘n’ dip!

For more information on the effects of art on mental health visit for information on studies in the field.

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